“Today Rocket is a hyper-efficient assembly line for e-commerce start-ups.”
Ludwie Siegele,
October 4, 2013
"Like it or not, the reality is that Rocket is simply very good at what it does."
Ben Rooney,
May 14, 2012
"The Samwer brothers have understood the principles of e-commerce better than nearly anyone else worldwide. They are active from Brazil to Indonesia."
Markus Brauck and Martin U. Müller,
May 14, 2012
"(...) – to this date there is no one else worldwide, who is able to roll out and execute internet business models in this frequency and quality."
Joel Kaczmarek,
May 9, 2012
"Marc, Alexander and Oliver Samwer (...) are among Europe's most consistently successful digital entrepreneurs."
Matt Cowan,
March 2, 2012
"Meet the Berlin investors who have a formula for launching internet companies at rocket speed."
Kate Jillings,
February 24, 2012
"Rocket Internet (...) is one of the best known and most successful startup incubators in Europe."
Jens Tönnesmann for Gründerraum Blog,
January 18, 2012
"The Samwer brothers, Alexander, Marc, and Oliver, are among the most successful Internet entrepreneurs and investors in Europe."
Jennifer L. Schenker,
January 15, 2008
"The Samwers have become pillars of the fast-growing European high-tech investment community and role models for a new breed of homegrown continental entrepreneurs."
Robert Levine,
October 2, 2007